Introducing Hyde

Hyde is a brazen two-column Jekyll theme that pairs a prominent sidebar with uncomplicated content.

Hyde is a brazen two-column [Jekyll]( theme that pairs a prominent sidebar with uncomplicated content. It's based on [Poole](, the Jekyll butler. **NOTE**: This post is outdated and only included for legacy reasons. See the [Documentation][docs] for up-to-date instructions. {:.message} ### Built on Poole Poole is the Jekyll Butler, serving as an upstanding and effective foundation for Jekyll themes by [@mdo]( Poole, and every theme built on it (like Hyde here) includes the following: * Complete Jekyll setup included (layouts, config, [404]({{ '/404' | relative_url }}), [RSS feed]({{'/feed.xml' | relative_url }}){:.external}, posts, and [example page]({{ '/about/' | relative_url }})) * Mobile friendly design and development * Easily scalable text and component sizing with `rem` units in the CSS * Support for a wide gamut of HTML elements * Related posts (time-based, because Jekyll) below each post * Syntax highlighting, courtesy Pygments (the Python-based code snippet highlighter) ### Hyde features In addition to the features of Poole, Hyde adds the following: * Sidebar includes support for textual modules and a dynamically generated navigation with active link support * Two orientations for content and sidebar, default (left sidebar) and [reverse]( (right sidebar), available via `` classes * [Eight optional color schemes](, available via `` classes [Head to the readme]( to learn more. ### Browser support Hyde is by preference a forward-thinking project. In addition to the latest versions of Chrome, Safari (mobile and desktop), and Firefox, it is only compatible with Internet Explorer 9 and above. ### Download Hyde is developed on and hosted with GitHub. Head to the [GitHub repository]( for downloads, bug reports, and features requests. Thanks! [docs]: /docs/

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